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Jeremy Oliver is one of Australia’s foremost wine writers and presenters, and the most influential wine presence throughout Asia. He is a widely read and fully independent wine commentator whose words are published in several countries and languages. In late 2005 he was named the inaugural Wine Writer of the Year by the widely circulated Australian Wine Selector magazine, and with the publication of Enjoy Wine with Jeremy in Mandarin in 2008 he became the first western wine critic to create and publish a book in China especially for the Chinese audience.

Known for his best-selling guidebook, The Australian Wine Annual, Jeremy Oliver has now released the current 2015 edition in Mandarin, for the fourth consecutive year.

Jeremy is also a polished wine presenter and a popular host of corporate and wine-related events from New York to Beijing. He has hosted most of the leading wine events in Australia, including the Maurice O’Shea Award. Today Jeremy Oliver works internationally in an ambassadorial capacity for Australian wine, having forged close relationships with Austrade, Wine Australia and the Victorian Government.

The Membership area of this website is currently being populated and tested as it prepares for a hard launch as the new Jeremy Oliver subscription site. This now hosts my articles, reviews and ratings. Right now, it’s likely that you will notice some incomplete features as you browse through it. Please feel free to check it out. The subscription mechanism is fully operational and there is already significantly more content available than in my published book, The Australian Wine Annual. More content will steadily be added over coming days and weeks. New articles and tasting notes of new releases will be inserted as they arrive and are reviewed.

I am very excited to be re-entering this space and through it I look forward to providing a comprehensive online coverage of Australian wine.