NEW TITLE: Jeremy Oliver’s Good Wine Guide

Jeremy Oliver launches a brand-new concept for Australian wine – it’s equal parts a wine educational book designed for the beginner or L-Plate wine drinker and it’s also a buying guide that lists Jeremy’s recommended wines across a wide range of varieties, regions and occasions. It’s to become an annual guide and will be released prior to Christmas every year.

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You can trust scores and ratings from Jeremy Oliver

A specialist wine critic and commentator, Jeremy is known for the frankness and integrity of his opinions, his deep knowledge of the Australian wine industry and his ability to assess what it produces.

With ratings from most other Australian wine critics heading skywards into entirely unjustifiable and stratospheric levels, you can rely on the scores and opinions of Jeremy Oliver, who marks all wine the same, regardless of price or origin. Jeremy’s scale hasn’t changed in all the 30+ years he has been writing about wine, and it’s not about to.

Jeremy’s reviews, comments and books are published all over the world. He is a sought-after ambassador for Australian wine around the globe and works tirelessly to assist its growth in export markets.