Jeremy Oliver offers a valuable external service to wine producers – a full and detailed analysis of their wines against their competitors in local and overseas markets.

This process involves these stages:_DSC4402

  1. Determining which products are being assessed
  2. Determining key markets (even if Australia only)
  3. Identifying key competitors for the selected wines in each market
  4. Conducting the tasting and evaluation
  5. Provision of a fully detailed report

The report will include a full independent assessment of the wines, an assessment of where they sit relative to their competitors, plus a series of recommendations (if needed or appropriate) to further tune the wines – in terms of style, package and price – for their market position.

A testimonial from Plantagenet Wines:

“As a winery we carry out a great deal of self-assessment but also understand the absolute benefit in having our wines evaluated by an expert third party. We engaged Jeremy to conduct a benchmarking tasting in February this year and the information we received from this exercise was invaluable; it has enabled us to gauge where our wines stand against our key competitors within our region, nationally, and internationally. It has also assisted us in gaining a better understanding of where our brand sits stylistically and how this has evolved over time. Jeremy provided excellent verbal feedback during the tasting as well as a comprehensive, critical report which we have since used a one of the key components in decision making for our most recent vintage. We highly recommend Jeremy’s service”.

Leah Clearwater, Direct Sales and Marketing Manager, Plantagenet Wines.

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