Whether you are taking the first steps on your wine journey, wanting to focus on a particular wine region, variety or style, looking for an interesting way to engage and entertain key clients, or chasing something unique to offer as a team building exercise, Jeremy can tailor a master class to suit you, your friends, your clients and your colleagues.

Master Classes can be conducted in a private residence, your boardroom, at a restaurant or even at Jeremy Oliver’s private tasting rooms here at The Bakery.  They can be delivered in a formal or informal setting and manor, customised completely to reflect the differing levels of knowledge of any individual or group, and constructed around your desired subject or drawn from our inspiring list of Master Class topics, some of which are suggested below:

A Vertical Tasting: One variety, one producer, consecutive vintages
Head to Head: Compare and contrast established wine regions
Meet the Nobles: A stroll through the classic grape varieties and why they became so
Inspirations and Battle of the Beads: Australian wines and their Eurpoean benchmarks – A delliance with the finest bubbles from around the world
Chinese Banquets: Perfect accompaniments to Asian cuisine
Savvy Cellars: Putting together a smart cellar on any budget (the hows, whats and why)
Talking Tannins: Powerful, chewy, crunchy, mouth watering… what the?
Cool V Warm climate: How different can varietals grown under each condition be?


To enquire about customising a Master class for colleagues or friends, request our full menu of master class subjects or suggest a topic you would like to see Oliver conduct a Master class on, please contact us.