Whether you are taking the first steps on your wine journey, wanting to focus on a particular wine region, variety or style, looking for an interesting way to engage and entertain key clients, or chasing something unique to offer as a team building exercise, Jeremy can tailor a master class to suit you, your friends, clients and colleagues.

Masterclasses can be conducted in a private residence, your company’s boardroom, at a restaurant or event venue.  They can be formal or informal  and customised completely to  differing levels of knowledge, theme and budget.

Just to get you thinking, here are some popular topics:

Vertical Tasting: One variety, one producer, consecutive vintages of a classic wine
Head to Head: Compare and contrast established wine regions or makers
Meet the Nobles: A stroll through the classic grape varieties to discover the qualities why they became so influential
Around Australia in a Single Dinner
Plot a wine journey around Australia’s leading wine regions and makers over a single, unforgettable dinner
Chinese Banquets: Perfect accompaniments to Asian cuisine
Old World vs New World: An often surprising comparison between traditional European styles and wines from more recently developed industries in Australian, NZ, the US, etc…
Bledisloe Cup of Wine
At least we can (some of the time) beat the Kiwis with wine… A great corporate night to coincide with the rugby
Cool vs Warm climate wines: How different can varieties grown under different conditions become?


To inquire about your own Jeremy Oliver Masterclass, just contact us.